Consigning Items
24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week

We do it ALL.

Simply drop off your items & we'll send you a check when we sell it on eBay .

Step 1: Drop Off Your Item At 24/7 Consignment Location

Visit our store and drop off the items you would like to sell. We will ask you for any information you may have about the item that may help us with selling it. We will do some quick online research to find the item's estimated value.

Step 2: 24/7 Consignment The Item

Our auction experts take over: Professional, digital photos of you item will be taken and our team of experts will create a product listing designed to attract the greatest number of buyers to your item. If prospective buyers have any questions, our customer service team will promptly answer their queries. During the bidding process, your item will be stored in a secure, insured environment until the sale is finalized.

Step 3: 24/7 Consignment Sends You a Check

247Consignment will collect funds from the highest bidder. Once funds have been collected, your item will be carefully packaged and shipped to the buyer. A check representing the sales price less applicable fees will be mailed to you. Our commissions are based on the final selling price of the item.

With our Basic Service, there are no upfront fees to list your item. Once your item sells, we deduct our commission and the eBay and payment processing fees before sending you a check for the balance.

With our Premium Service, you may choose to set a reserve price (a minimum acceptable sale price), and/or set an opening bid higher than $19.99. You also have the option to add a "Buy It Now" price. You will be charged a small upfront deposit for the Premium Service. If your item sells, the deposit will be deducted from our commission.


Our Commission

247Consignment commission calculated from the final sale price of your item.  Our commission schedule is 35% . Flat rate of %10 for sales exceeding  $20,000 or more. 

eBay Fees*

*eBay Fees and Payment Processing Fees are the responsibility of the consignor.
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